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Every student deserves the opportunity to receive the best dance experience. Disruptive and disrespectful behavior from students and parents/guardians is unacceptable. If a student's conduct becomes a recurring issue, a member of our staff may contact their parent/guardian to discuss solutions. In the event that a parent/guardian becomes disruptive or disrespectful, they may be asked to leave the studio space. I agree to abide by the polices set forth by Lively Arts Dance Academy which are posted on
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I understand that any missed classes are required to be made up within the session they are missed, that any class in your student's age level may be taken to qualify as a make up class, and that no refund or credit will be issued for classes missed.
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I agree to give full rights to Lively Arts Dance Academy and its staff to use photo and/or video images of you or your child to use for promotional or media purposes.
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I agree that Lively Arts Dance Academy is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of personal belongings while I attend class. I understand that classes at Lively Arts Dance Academy may be physically strenuous and my child or I voluntarily participate in them will full knowledge that there is risk of injury, property loss, or death. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns, or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind against Lively Arts Dance Academy or its members for personal injury or property damage/loss.
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2019/2020 Tuition:All families are required to have a credit card on file for tuition and other fees. Statements will be emailed out on the 15th of the month for the following month’s tuition and fees via InvoiceASAP. Balance can be paid via cash or check before the 5th of the month if you don’t want your credit card to be charged. Payments are due NO LATER THAN THE 5th of every month from September- May for a total of 9 months. While some months are shorter or longer than others, and some included summer break, schedule breaks, and holidays, the yearly tuition is divided equally over 9 months SPRING RECITAL COSTUME AND PAIR OF TIGHTS (1 PER CLASS) INCLUDED IN TUITION RATES Annual registration fee: $25 per student or $35.00 per family 1 CLASS - $100 PER MONTH 2 CLASSES - $190 PER MONTH 3 CLASSES - $270 PER MONTH 4 CLASSES - $340 PER MONTH 5+ CLASSES PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION RECITAL PACKAGE PER DANCER DUE BY APRIL 1ST - $250 *Includes: Digital Pictures from Picture Day | Digital File of Recital | 1 Recital Ticket | Recital T- Shirt ADDITIONAL FEES Classes with * or ** Fees for materials * Class - $25 Material/Prop Fee required at registration ** Class - $100 Supply Fee required at registration Private Lessons: (1) 45 Min. session - $120 (4) 45 Min. session - $400 Recital Tickets: $20 Each Recital Sweatshirt: $45 Each